M O V E M E N T S  
1 & 2


MOVEMENTS 1&2 is a dream-like exploration into the personal and collective ideas of revolution: a fissure is formed in an avant-garde political movement over the decision whether or not to appeal to a broader public.

"It’s fantastic because what Babelle Theatre chooses not to do is exactly what makes it so compelling. It encourages you to give up what you take for granted about theatre, so that you may actually experience it."
 — By Dale MacDonald,
Daily Hive

Written by James Gordon King
Directed by Marie Farsi
With Nathan Barrett + 
Nadeem Phillip + Naomi Vogt

Design + Photos Lukas Engelhardt
Sound Paul Paroczai
Lighting Jono Kim
Music composition for
“The Kingdom” Anton Lipovetsky 
Stage Management Aidan Hammond