Mind/Body & Authentic Movement WORKSHOP INTENSIVE with Tedi Tafel / by Marie Farsi

Exciting announcement!

This April, Tedi Tafel is coming from Montreal to Vancouver to teach a workshop intensive on two very different physical practices: Mind/Body training and Authentic MovementMind/Body begins with form and looks to find the life inside that shapes it (sensation, intention, and perception). Authentic Movement starts with impulse and explores the pathway into form. Seemingly opposite in approach their common goal is to create access and openness in the performing body.

The philosophy of Tedi's work is of great interest to us at Babelle - particularly the radical idea of creating theatrical work that originates from impulses within the body, as opposed to the rational-dissecting-intellect. Last July we had the pleasure of having her assist on our show Movement 1&2. The opportunity allowed actors a deep exploration of vulnerability and risk in live performance.  

  • Mind/Body training is based on the research of Japanese Butoh dancer Min Tanaka. It’s an energetic, dynamic workout that re-examines the mental structures and physical habits that can inhibit the potential state of the individual. Here we rigorously explore the body as a site of presence and transformation while developing strength, stamina, support, precision and abandon. As the mind ‘drops’ into the body, a concrete experience of sustained presence is made possible.
  • Authentic Movement looks to the body as source and inspiration through the embodiment of internal impulse. Here the body is seen as subject, to be attended to, listened to, with its stories, intelligence, perceptions and experiences. Leaving aside for the time being our desire to invent, to direct, to be creative, we learn instead to listen and allow. As we enter this realm that is unplanned, without goal, unpredictable and often surprising, we invite direct experience of personal and creative truth. 

  • Eligibility While the workshop is geared for performers (dancers, actors) we invite practitioners from diverse disciplines to join us. The workshop is open to professional performing artists who want to learn about an innovative process of training and creation. Applicants must be able to demonstrate some experience as a performer, physical aptitudes and a willingness to move!
  • How to apply Please send your resume to babelletheatre@outlook.com by March 24, 2017. We will accept up to 14 participants.
  • Dates April 3-7 (Monday through Friday) ● 9am – 12pm
  • Cost $220 (If finances are a barrier, please contact us to discuss options.)
  • Location Goldcorp Centre for the Arts, SFU - 149 West Hastings St.  

TEDI TAFEL has been a teacher, dancer and choreographer for over 25 years. At the heart of her work is an interest in exploring movement as an entranceway into the deeper layers of human experience. Tedi is an award-winning artist with a reputation for creating innovative and deeply sensitive work. She is inspired by a long-term engagement with somatic practices that access the intelligence of the body and reveal its intrinsic expressive language. Along with her studies with Butoh master Min Tanaka, she has worked extensively with renowned teachers Janet Alder and Judith Koltai in the disciplines of Authentic Movement and Embodied Practice. Tedi has taught across the country and at the Stratford Festival and Playwrights Workshop of Montreal. From 1997-2013 she played a principal role in the training of actors and playwrights at the National Theatre School of Canada.