Audition Notice - Motherland by Marie Farsi

By James Gordon King
Directed by Marie Farsi
Produced by Babelle Theatre

Deadline to submit:
March 31, 2018

Audition Dates:
April 6, 2018

Contract Dates:
Rehearsals: June 18 - July 10, 2018
Performances: July 11 - 27, 2018

About the Play:
Torontonian couple, Alison and Maddie, just got back from a trip to Gibsons, BC to visit Alison’s father, Brian, who she hasn’t seen in three years. Recalling events as photos are projected, we see their trip submerge into a murky world of decomposing appearances and unresolved issues as the distinction between wild and civilized elides. 

Character Breakdown:
Brian. 50 - 60. A good father, if not aloof. Once a successful painter, now lives on the Sunshine Coast where he works for scraps. Divorced, uninterested in romantic relationships. Did lots of acid in the 60s, where he and his friends considered themselves revolutionaries. Still waiting for the revolution to happen.

To submit, please send a headshot and resume to Marie Farsi at with the subject: “Motherland Audition Submission”. Only those selected for an audition will be contacted.

Mind/Body & Authentic Movement WORKSHOP INTENSIVE with Tedi Tafel by Marie Farsi

Exciting announcement!

This April, Tedi Tafel is coming from Montreal to Vancouver to teach a workshop intensive on two very different physical practices: Mind/Body training and Authentic MovementMind/Body begins with form and looks to find the life inside that shapes it (sensation, intention, and perception). Authentic Movement starts with impulse and explores the pathway into form. Seemingly opposite in approach their common goal is to create access and openness in the performing body.

The philosophy of Tedi's work is of great interest to us at Babelle - particularly the radical idea of creating theatrical work that originates from impulses within the body, as opposed to the rational-dissecting-intellect. Last July we had the pleasure of having her assist on our show Movement 1&2. The opportunity allowed actors a deep exploration of vulnerability and risk in live performance.  

  • Mind/Body training is based on the research of Japanese Butoh dancer Min Tanaka. It’s an energetic, dynamic workout that re-examines the mental structures and physical habits that can inhibit the potential state of the individual. Here we rigorously explore the body as a site of presence and transformation while developing strength, stamina, support, precision and abandon. As the mind ‘drops’ into the body, a concrete experience of sustained presence is made possible.
  • Authentic Movement looks to the body as source and inspiration through the embodiment of internal impulse. Here the body is seen as subject, to be attended to, listened to, with its stories, intelligence, perceptions and experiences. Leaving aside for the time being our desire to invent, to direct, to be creative, we learn instead to listen and allow. As we enter this realm that is unplanned, without goal, unpredictable and often surprising, we invite direct experience of personal and creative truth. 

  • Eligibility While the workshop is geared for performers (dancers, actors) we invite practitioners from diverse disciplines to join us. The workshop is open to professional performing artists who want to learn about an innovative process of training and creation. Applicants must be able to demonstrate some experience as a performer, physical aptitudes and a willingness to move!
  • How to apply Please send your resume to by March 24, 2017. We will accept up to 14 participants.
  • Dates April 3-7 (Monday through Friday) ● 9am – 12pm
  • Cost $220 (If finances are a barrier, please contact us to discuss options.)
  • Location Goldcorp Centre for the Arts, SFU - 149 West Hastings St.  

TEDI TAFEL has been a teacher, dancer and choreographer for over 25 years. At the heart of her work is an interest in exploring movement as an entranceway into the deeper layers of human experience. Tedi is an award-winning artist with a reputation for creating innovative and deeply sensitive work. She is inspired by a long-term engagement with somatic practices that access the intelligence of the body and reveal its intrinsic expressive language. Along with her studies with Butoh master Min Tanaka, she has worked extensively with renowned teachers Janet Alder and Judith Koltai in the disciplines of Authentic Movement and Embodied Practice. Tedi has taught across the country and at the Stratford Festival and Playwrights Workshop of Montreal. From 1997-2013 she played a principal role in the training of actors and playwrights at the National Theatre School of Canada.


Job Posting: Artistic Producer and Publicist by Marie Farsi

Exciting opportunity to join the Babelle team!

Every year, we try to push ourselves by producing bigger and more extravagant shows. The challenge is always thrilling - managing multiple tasks, losing track of the hat you're wearing - but for our next endeavour we've decided we need another body! 

Maybe we know you and we're familiar with your work, or maybe we know you and you've kept your secret producing talents hidden all this time, or maybe we don't know you at all! In any case, check our job posting for the Artistic Producer and Publicist position here for our show next summer. All are welcome. :)

We believe in investing in the personal and creative growth of all artists we work with. Who knows? This could be the beginning of a beautiful partnership...

J + M

Welcome! by Marie Farsi


If you’re reading this, then our website is live.

We wish there was more we could do for you right now. We wish we could see you or touch you, but for now I guess we’re separate.

This can be the place where you find out what we’ve done before and what we’re doing next. If you want to get to know us, you can come to one of our shows or you can also contact us through this site.


J + M